Our Journey

Lathókambos was established in 2019. We are experimenting with growing hemp in our field while we research and collect valuable data. After 60 years of hemp not being a commercially grown crop in Illinois and much of North America, there may be new discoveries that need to be documented, to compare with how hemp was grown in the past, in order to have continued success in the future.

People are starting to realize the array of health benefits hemp, cannabis and their phytochemical derivatives have to offer. When educated on why these plants had experienced a term of prohibition, their opinion often changes. The once perceived demon drug, now legal in many of the United States and the world, is gaining leverage and eyes are opening to the possibilities of how much cannabis and hemp can accomplish. Continued education to spread awareness is one aspect of our journey.

The healing powers of hemp/cannabis do not stop at helping stabilize humans and other walks of life. Growing these plants can leave your soil cleaner after planting them. The process called phytoremediation, is mother nature’s way of removing toxins (such as heavy metals, radioactive debris, pesticides) from the soil and ground water. Pretty neat! This miracle plant, as some refer to it as, has been cultivated for thousands of years and has the ability to be used for food, medicine, fiber, construction materials and much more.

We at Lathokambos are exploring the medicinal avenues of cannabinoids. We have been growing hemp with high levels of CBD, and CBG, maintaining compliant with our THC levels. Our plants have been lab tested with Certificates Of Analysis (COA) to confirm. Although we are in our infancy of development, we do have two growing seasons in our repertoire. As Illinois was approved in 2018 to legally cultivate industrial hemp, it was not until 2019 when rules and regulations were approved, and licenses were distributed. We were a part of Illinois history when we put hemp plants in the ground consecutively in 2019 and 2020. 2021 season is fast approaching, and we are ready.