Lathókambos was established in 2019. We experimented with untraditional agricultural methods that farmers won’t typically use in the midwest. The method we used is traditional to some regions of Mexico. Like most farmers, we grew outdoors, in the ground. Unlike most farmers, we grew outdoors using a method similar to chinampas, or trenches dug 16” deep, 48” wide and 60’ long into the ground. Chinampas are an old technique used in Mesoamerican agricultural. Their purpose is to ensure optimal moisture retention to the crop. We planted in pots filled with a proprietary blend of organic soil. The pots were staggered in the trenches. We flooded the trenches with 8” of water to irrigate. The experiment was successful and field notes taken revealed more pros than cons.

Our 2020 grow was done traditional to most agricultural standards. Row crops. We scaled from two chinampa-like trenches with 130 potted plants in 2019, to 1.5 acres and 2200 plants in the ground. Needless to say, a BIG difference in the rate of growth. The soil in much of Illinois is so rich, we didn’t need irrigation. Relying on natural rain fall, provided us time to focus on growing hemp. Like all growers, we have been very busy this entire growing season. Since March, many tasks and many hours of field labor went into growing our hemp plants. Preparing the field, picking up plants, transporting plants, transplanting plants, mowing nutrient depleting vegetation between rows, pulling males, fertilizing, etc., etc. Before we knew it, it was time to harvest! Plants are cut, hung, dried, shucked and packed! Off to the processor.

As our story progresses, we will unfold it here!