Lathokambos is a family-owned and operated hemp farm, growing CBD and other cannabinoids, in Northern Illinois. Growing outdoors in Illinois offers the plants everything Mother Nature intended, providing nutritious soil and sunlight. The field is geographically located in a great climate zone and produces healthy plants naturally and sustainably. All labor in our operation, from planting to harvest, is done by hand, focusing on quality not quantity. Our hand-shucked biomass is collected and temporarily stored in super sacks. We deliver our material to a local processor and the result is a full spectrum, distilled oil.

Lathokambos, translated from Greek origin, means ‘Oil Field’. My father was born in Achladokampos, Greece. A modestly sized hillside village that overlooks a large valley of olive groves. Residents of the village each own land and they have grown, harvested and pressed olive oil at the mill perpetually and sustainably for many years. I adopted the name, slightly modified, to keep grounded to my roots.

A view of the olive grove valley from the village in Achladokampos, Greece