Photo Credit: Alekos Lagis – August 2020


Lathokambos, translated from Greek means ‘Oil Field’. My father was born in Achladokampos, Greece. A small, hillside village that overlooks a large valley of olive groves. Residents of the village each own land where they have grown, harvested and pressed olive oil at the mill perpetually and sustainably for many years. I adopted the name, slightly modified, keep grounded to my roots.

At Lathokambos, we are a family owned and operated, organic hemp grower. We harvest by hand and hang plants in a barn to dry. We hand-shuck our flowers into containers. After all the hands-on labor, we deliver our biomass to be processed into full spectrum distilled oil. Growing in Illinois provides us with moist, nutrient-rich soil and a great climate to produce healthy plants naturally and sustainably.