Allow us to introduce ourselves!

Lathokambos is a family owned and operated hemp farm in Northern Illinois. Our focus is on growing an organically and environmentally responsible crop. The quality is credited to great soil, clean water, excellent nutrition and sunlight. Hands on management maintains the quality control. We grow varieties of hemp that produce a cannabinoid rich, (THC compliant) crop. Our product is a high quality full spectrum, distillate. a beautiful oil. We are also growing hemp grain, a sustainable nutritious food option for both human and animal consumption.

Lathokambos, from Greek origin, translates to ‘Oil Field’. My family stems from Achladokampos, Greece. A modestly sized hillside village that overlooks a vast valley of olive trees. Olives have been grown, harvested and pressed into oil for many years. I adopted the name, slightly modified, to keep grounded to my roots.